Hired on the spot.

This actually happened to me today. Makes me realize how a moment can really matter. Even though this job will be temporary, it’s something I’ve been wishing for, some paid work. And it came right when I needed it.

I’ve never felt more wanted ever in my life. I hope this is just the first of many silver linings from the worriment I’ve been feeling.

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NY of my 20s

This year has been one of the most filled year with new beginnings, new friendships, new places, new experiences, new foods, new surroundings, new, new, new. Moving across the country hasn’t felt so far thanks to technology allowing me to maintain connections and relationships with people via phone/text/social media. I’m thankful for this and thankful for the timing I have chosen to move. Starting to feel more like the vagabond that I’ve always yearned to be and realizing I’m fully capable, but not sure if I’m fully feeling this life. 

I’ve been neglecting my monthly reflections because of the famous excuse of lack of time. It’s more because I’m still figuring out how it feels day to day so it’s difficult to reflect how to wrap up this array of emotions and feelings over the course of a month. In that regard, writing more is one of goals for this new year. This may be the first full year where I won’t be in California and I’ll have to see how it plays out and if that could potentially be where my life will take place.

Grad school has taught me I’m capable of school but intolerable of being graded. It’s been a great experience to meet everyone and I really don’t mind paying for the experience of surrounding myself with ambituous individuals, although sometimes it feels to idealistic and my realistic self cannot help but feel pessimistic about certain desires. This leads to my second goal of being more proactive. Speak less, do more. I want to produce something concrete and see actual things happen, no matter the magnitude of difference. Small things add up.

My heart and mind has not been communicating well and I’m letting my mind think negative thoughts while my heart pound for the exciting in my life. I plan to work on the communication between my mind my heart so it can leave room for all the new experiences/knowledge I will consumed.

Happy and joyest New Year to everyone! Take this change in date as a starting point for something new in your life. It’s what we do with resolutions, but maintain it as part of your life and not just your year. But if it’s gearing your life into something you don’t like, take it out. It’s just as important to take out to make room for the new. Wishing for good health and happiness for all!

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Is this my costume or I’m actually someone else?

Two months into graduate school now and I’ve learned so much. Not just about the issues in health, but who I am and what I’m capable of doing. Haven’t had much time to reflect as I continually play catchup, but two more months and this intensity shall alleviate my stress and allow me more time to actually and carefully reflect here.

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Summer flip flop

Flipping on to a new month with changes in my life and hoping for no flops. Two weeks left of this sunny SoCal life I’ve come to adore and promise to keep in my heart. Changes allow me to appreciate it much more.

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Half Dome it.

My first time visiting Yosemite Valley (guilty California native) and I did this 14 hour hike up to the Half Dome. 

Making it to the guy who asked for our permits, I thought we were there, nope. Another brutal steep hike up to subdome tested my determination for another hour. 

Though underwhelmed by the view, the feeling of accomplishment made it all worthwhile.

No one told us the Mist Trail was like walking through a storm.

Does it look frightening?

Half Dome Cables!

Chilling at the cables and taking in the view of Yosemite Valley

My group of 5 determined and powerful women.

Definitely recommend the experience. Probably just a one time experience for me though. Just trying to experience what this world has to offer. 

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May linger on

In this 31 days in May I let pass without writing a post. I’m starting to lose the momentum of writing each month, but realizing is the first step. So here is to remembering to reflect because this later half of the year is going to be a whirlwind of new changes.

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Aptil showers powers

..with opportunity for new life and new motivation.

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