Happy 2014! The first day.

I’ve always liked blogging and have done it on and off. Since it’s the beginning of 2014 and the momentum for changes and a new me is filling the air, I thought I would take the opportunity of a fresh start to start a consistent blog. Even though I’ve already used this blog the previous year, I’m making this my new official daily blog for 2014. I didn’t want to make a whole new one besides the whole part of being lazy, but because the old me is still here, thus my old blogs still remain because it has brought me to become who I am now.
Because Twitter was my daily thing last year and I was limited by character counts, my habit for concise sentences may cause some of my post to look unblog-like. I liked Twitter, but as mentioned in my initial post in the creation of this blog, I was not completely honest all the time since I knew the audience that was reading the tweets. With this blog I can express the words I really want to lay down without fear and limit by character count, so do that. I’m excited to read them all in 364 days. Since it’s on my mind, I really want to change all the ‘I’s to you and ‘my’ to ‘your’ etc. in this blog post since I’m (you’re) talking to myself (yourself).
Anyhow, my resolutions made with my family this year are: score at least in the 90 percentile on all parts of the GRE and apply to graduate school. These are more realistic resolutions compared to ones I made in the past and I wanted to have them down as a reminder and motivation in case down the line I feel lost and wary with my decisions. Here’s to another resolution and promise to blog everyday for this year. Cheers!

About Lynn Vo

I am just another mind with a laptop and fingers that type out the thoughts that invade my brain. I like to share these thoughts because it's extremely selfish of me to keep these thoughts open to only one person who has access to it. Share your thoughts with me and I'll keep them safe.
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