Home sweet home, with a spicy, salty, and bitter taste too.

Well, I definitely intended to write this post a few hours ago to make it for my day, but it seems that I missed it. Welps, these words are on my mind so I’ll express them anyways. 

Every time I go home, I feel like a different person. A person with a shorter fuse and a person who is a bit more irritable. I’m not trying to say that my family makes me this way, it’s me who decides to take on these characteristics. I guess it’s this part of me that is the one who shows they care. I get upset more easily because people in my family are doing things that I am just not okay with. Also, I just think it’s easier to act this way because I’m used to it and they are my family anyhow, so they can and kind of must put up with me. I feel that, depending on the people who you’re surrounded by, the person you become or behave is reflected in them. I try really hard not to become this person because I want to be the best person for my family, but sometimes it’s just easier to let my anger out on them. I realize that I’m doing it and it’s frustrating for myself because I kind of just let it happen and when I want to take it back, it gets all jumbled. This is one of my goals now, to be more patient with them and not act like a total nuisance and act annoyed by them. I really am not trying to make them feel bad but it just gets to me. I really want to show them I care, but my way of doing it is not so kind. I hope that they understand my intentions are different from my actions.

About Lynn Vo

I am just another mind with a laptop and fingers that type out the thoughts that invade my brain. I like to share these thoughts because it's extremely selfish of me to keep these thoughts open to only one person who has access to it. Share your thoughts with me and I'll keep them safe.
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