A Few Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

Just wanted to write down a few things so I can remember it the next time I go on a trip.

Pick companions that you can stand. First time traveling with a family member and friend, and it was quite a disaster at times. I guess family is okay since if we get upset with each other we know it won’t last, but it’s still doesn’t mean that it’ll be a smooth ride. The tension is still there and the whole group can feel it. Pick people who you know don’t get upset and don’t ignore you. Pick those who don’t upset easily, or if they do get upset, get over it quickly or at least address it so the rest of the trip will be fine. It’s quite annoying to be traveling with people who get mad at every little thing and make the trip bad for the whole group. Pick a more mature person who is more considerate of people’s feelings and address the problem rather than run away. You can’t really stay upset with your travel companions so what’s the point of beginning and

Packing is a tiring thing and you have to pack every time you move on to a new place. So to prevent being exhausted from packing and unpacking all your things, it’s quite simple. Pack less, pack light. That is, pack only and only the necessities. Pack things you’re okay parting with. You’ll most likely want and will buy gifts, so be prepared to drop a few things off your load in order to make room for the new things you want to bring back. Also, it’s okay to bring less shirts since you can always buy them. As well, especially if you’re traveling to a place where it’s cold, it doesn’t really matter since you’re gonna layer anyhow. So bring looser fitting clothes and a thermal helps a lot. Towels take up a lot of room, so opt for a smaller one such as a hand towel if you feel the need to bring a towel at all. Most likely if you stay in a hotel they’ll have towels to use, but being a germ freak, you can use it sparingly on your body and use the smaller towel as well. It also dries so much faster.

A backpack has its pros and cons. Pros: easy to carry and won’t make so much noise when walking around, and it seems like those budget airlines aren’t as strict on measuring it as a rolling luggage. Cons: you have to carry it.
Well, if you work out your shoulders and arms a bit more, maybe the weight won’t be so bad, but boy this time that backpack was the soul reason for all this shoulder and back pain.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend and there’s a reason why so many woman have so many different shoes and are willing to spend basically an arm and a leg for a pair of shoes. Shoes take you places and if you’re going places, you better be comfortable getting there as well as look good being there.  Well, I guess if you spend your leg there’s no point int the shoes.. Anyhow, it’s a good thing I spent the most I’ve ever spent on boots, but next time, break them in sooner. Your feet are important, treat it well and give it some good tender loving and pampering. It supports you wherever you go.

Bring your student ID! Maybe this goes a bit more for the more developed countries and if you want to go in places like museums and palaces, a lot of places rewards students and give really good discounts on entry fees. I guess in a way you do get some benefits, even internationally, for being a student. Even they know you’re broke.

A camera has a strap for a reason, use it! It’s so easy to put it down for a second and then forget about it and walk away. End of story? Someone else picks it up for you and keeps it for you as well.

Oh yeah, don’t be lazy! Upload those photos right away, every night or every time you’re connected. You won’t lose so much this way and it never hurts to have a copy.

…there’s more but they’re not coming to mind as of now. Will add when they decide to show up.


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I am just another mind with a laptop and fingers that type out the thoughts that invade my brain. I like to share these thoughts because it's extremely selfish of me to keep these thoughts open to only one person who has access to it. Share your thoughts with me and I'll keep them safe.
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