DMV = Diverse multitudes of vehicles?

First off, DMV is a place where times goes to waste and people go to dread the wait.
I came around 9:30 am and finished around noon, not bad I guess.
So even before I got to the actual line that bend around the entrance to the DMV, the search for a parking spot itself was already using up my time. I circulate the lot twice and in during my second round saw a man at his car and had hope that I could take his parking spot. We made eye contact and he made a gesture so I can roll down my window to talk. With a flustered voice and a face to match, he asked if I could help and I asked what do you need. He told me he didn’t have anything with him, no money or card and need to get some gas at the gas station which I saw an empty tank lying by his car and basically asked if I could help him with a few bucks. Hesitant and unable to ever say no in these situations I reached for my bag for some cash. I only had 2 one dollar bills or a 20, I didn’t want to give him 20 but also didn’t think 2 bucks was enough. Hesitated and all I finally decided and said I only have a twenty and handed it to him and he thanked me with lots of gratitude. Then I proceeded to drive off and found parking across the street. Walking towards the line I see that the same man is backing out of his spot and makes a waving and nodding motion of thanking me again. I was a bit confused because he got his car to work so quickly. Not sure if I was actually doing a deed or fueling a scam here (pun intended). Anyhow, what do you know I find a five later in my bag and have regret giving him so much money, I never even give homeless people who really need it that much.
So during my wait at he DMV, I just noticed so many different types of people. One thing for sure, there was a definitely hard working lady who gave everyone a clip board and tried to make the process faster while her colleagues who man the desk take their precious time walking around and talking to each other even after the person with the number is standing at the window ready to be helped. This is probably why the wait is utterly and unnecessarily prolonged.
As for the mass of people waiting, there’s only so much you can do waiting. My phone doesn’t last two hours on games anymore so I had to minimize my time though while I was playing candy crush, the lady sitting next to me was also playing and started talking to me. She asked what level I’m at and I told her 700, which surprised her at level 60 and she even asked if I can beat it for her because she’s been stuck for a while. Funny stuff, and now we know how I spend my time.
Well onto my observations. There are so are so many different sizes and types of people, average, huge, tiny, professional, athletical, fancy, rolled out of bed, casual, all dressed differently but all at the DMV to complete paperwork. There was a man in uniform who I presumed was with his wife and baby daughter. Two ladies came up to him, shook his hand and thanked him for serving. Only seeing his profile, I saw in his eye, a sense of pride and great emotion.
It just made me realize in the end even if we all have different lifestyles, we all need the same thing, whether it be paperwork or being bored, we all share something basic and all need something. We’re more connected than we ever realize.

About Lynn Vo

I am just another mind with a laptop and fingers that type out the thoughts that invade my brain. I like to share these thoughts because it's extremely selfish of me to keep these thoughts open to only one person who has access to it. Share your thoughts with me and I'll keep them safe.
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