Make-up to be you

Not sure if I’m even allowed to write this post since I honestly don’t even know how to use any cosmetic products. But I still want to express my views on it because I am a girl after all and victim of all these social media stigma of a girl’s dependence on make-up for beauty and all the other things I have to do as a female to present myself appropriately in society. I do it because I don’t want the bad attention and the glares and this is all dependent on people and socially constructed standards. I also feel there’s a lot of encouraging posts about embracing yourself and being bare and not having to wear make-up or shaving or doing all the “typical” “female things” to maintain yourself, and as much positive vibes and reinforcements of “just be yourself” as it exudes, “just be yourself” does not necessarily mean you just drop every thing and rebel against all the social norms. I think it means you choose to do what you want even if it means you conform because what you want is all that matters. Some things I’m ok with doing because it keeps me clean and healthy, which are things I value. Just because it also coincides with social norms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am weak and vulnerable to social shaming.

In all honesty, sometimes I don’t feel like a “typical girl” because 1) I don’t shave and 2) I don’t wear make-up. I feel like these are the two most normal things that all girls share, but I don’t. And maybe I am just very fortunate because I don’t necessary need to do these things as I am still able to at least survive in society without feeling self-conscious for not doing it. Anyhow, I can count on the four occasions that I have worn make-up – prom, high school graduation, a wedding, and my 21st birthday, and maybe a fifth time when my friends forced it on me because we’re going out. Each of these times someone else had put it on for me. Each of these times I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it too, simply because I was not used to it and also because each time I had to wear it, it was a special occasion and I had to look pretty, which meant I needed the help of make up because my normal look was not enough. I’m just not a fan of being unable to touch my face or else I’d ruined the beauty that had masked me. Anyhow, I have nothing against make-up, I just don’t know how to use it and I don’t feel the need to learn it any time soon. My lack of knowledge in this supposed to be ingrained in my life practice has actually saved me a lot of money and time and I am okay with that if it means it supposedly makes me less of a “woman”.

I don’t see why people make a big deal of girls who wear “lots of make-up”. What does that even mean? Where is the dividing line of “enough” and “too much”? I really don’t even understand why wearing make-up is a target of judgments. Make-up is similar to clothing in my opinion. It’s someone’s style and it’s a form of their expression. I guess we do judge people on their clothing too, but I mean do we tell people to go bare because they’re wearing too much? Au naturel right? Since we don’t do that, how can we tell girls to wear less make-up?

People who say girls wear make-up because they feel insecure and all the absurd accusations and theories they have on why girls wear make-up, how is your clothing choice different from wearing make-up? We wear clothes to make a statement, to be comfortable. I feel this is the same idea with make-up. People wear make-up to represent themselves and wearing it makes them comfortable. They may be pleasing the norms of beauty, but this is also a part of their identity, how they choose to look. Who is anyone to attack or have any opinions on their choices and their comfort? Judgments, it just won’t ever go away. Since it doesn’t, we could learn to just make good judgments, ones that encourages and helps us evolve. The word judgment itself already has a negative connotation, we might as well balance it out with some positivity.

About Lynn Vo

I am just another mind with a laptop and fingers that type out the thoughts that invade my brain. I like to share these thoughts because it's extremely selfish of me to keep these thoughts open to only one person who has access to it. Share your thoughts with me and I'll keep them safe.
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