Expanding the comfort zone

It’s cheating I know but I have so much to write for this month and I do not have time today so I am starting this post and will update it with the boat loads of thoughts and events that occurred within the past few weeks.

The month of April was a restless one and still making its way into May. Not to sound like I’m complaining or humble bragging, but my April was just so surprising eventful that I would like to write it down in order to remember.

The first weekend of April, I got to live out my 8-years-old self fantasy and visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s amazing how the imagination of thousands of individuals are all displayed in real life by the works of animation and ultimately, tangible buildings. Though small, I appreciated Universal studios for building the world for us readers to live out and all the little quirks and people who acted in the world in order for the visitors (us mere muggles) to be cast away by the fictions of our imagination. I became appreciative of reading and living out the stories of talented writers again. Sometimes our imagination is definitely better than reality and our imagination helps us cope with our reality. We still need to remember to balance imagination and reality though, or else we may tip over and won’t be able to get back up.


Sipping on some of this sweetness and living my imagination.

On to my next journey in reality. The most exhilarating and brave thing I have let myself do thus far: I got out of my comfort zone and jumped off a bridge. With the help and security of a bungee cord, I was able to do this and remain conscious now to be telling the story. Nonetheless, the jump was still filled with fright and one of the most thrill-seeking things I have ever done.

All the build up to the jump, jumped off the bridge before my mind could start the chase and that was what helped me do it. I got strapped into the harness and saw the girl jumped, eyes filled with fear, excitement, and hesitancy, she jumped and expressed her emotions in with her lungs and vibration of noise. There was just one more guy in front of me before I would get hooked onto the bungee rope. I started to look around at my cousin and friend; they smirked a bit at my imminence of jumping and sensed my fear and excitement. The guy climbed over and with a backward leaped, screamed out something senseless, supposedly to be comedic but with eyes open-wide in the air, I saw his fear rise as high as he had jump. A minute later, we emerged behind the pillars on the bridge and got back into the safety of the concrete bridge with teeth all showing and jaw wide. It was my turn and I took the steps across the red line and got buckled in. The bungee instructor asked me and I told him my fear. He soothed me with the truth of now or never and the pride I will have after the jump. I climbed over the bridge, ever so quickly. Instructed to look at the red target on the rocky walls, I remembered to not think and just stair at the target. “3,2,1..” I jumped. I didn’t even wait for the word “bungee”. I did it. Then, as my eyes peered over the highness of my fear and with silence that replaced my anticipated screams, I saw the stream of water and rocks down below. Suddenly, I was bounced back up so high and so abruptly, my heart felt it had jumped out and I was filled with fear again. This happened a few times and all I could think was that it will be over soon.

My bungee jumping experience ended as quickly as my decision to jump and I cannot be more proud of the 3 seconds of empty mind I had in order to overcome the fear and anxiety that I had let rise.



On a roll of crossing things off this “bucket list”, I continued on to attending the ever so popular Coachella Festival. With minimal expectations and of things being the worst such as extreme heat, dirtiness, and overpriced hunger, I was satisfied with the disappointment in my expectations this time as everything turned out to be much much better. I enjoyed the 3 days well, with each day a different type of fun. With the resort having the amenities, especially the Lazy River that I had been eyeing and waiting to soak my body in, it was just the icing on the oh so fun-filled festival with music that gave my eardrums the best tunes it got to listen to and my legs and body the flow it go to dance with. I liked the energy from people and really am glad there is something like this that can attract so many people together.


Spent 3 days with them and we’re all chill.

Continuing the music from Coachella, my last weekend and day of April I spent with quieter music played by the humorous and humbly composer, Yiruma. The nostalgia the piano keys he played so eloquently and with his discussion and honesty of him describing his songs, it was a great way to end my eventful month. Aside from his comedic comments, Yiruma was truly a talent that I am so glad I got to witness firsthand. Yiruma made me long for those days when I yearned for a deep connection with another individual and made me realize how powerful music can make us think, feel, and be.


Piano and cello are so harmonious.

I just wanted to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do all of these things and have friends and family that share common interests with me to do these things with. It reminds me that there are many people in this world and I am able to share experiences with different people but I also have to remember the most important and memorable experience comes from within me.


Show more love and be loved.



About Lynn Vo

I am just another mind with a laptop and fingers that type out the thoughts that invade my brain. I like to share these thoughts because it's extremely selfish of me to keep these thoughts open to only one person who has access to it. Share your thoughts with me and I'll keep them safe.
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