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May the months I’ve been away be updated.

Hola! Since my last post, much has changed and evolved. I have broken the habit of writing monthly and though it sucks, I believe any post I have the time to write is still worthwhile. First off, I finished my … Continue reading

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Holistic still starts somewhere.

Graduate Record Exam, or other entrance exams for graduate programs – the opportunity to showcase your ability to sit through a tedious exam and to maintain the mind to think logically and pick the right answers, while pressure closes in the bubble … Continue reading

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Knowledge is the trophy that we can always earn.

It’s that time of year I stress about how fast time has passed and feel anxious about what the future will look like. This year, I’m especially more anxious because I decided to apply to grad school. Though I have … Continue reading

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Knowing when to walk away or giving up?

I always felt like my persistency is a good thing, but it has also caused disasters for me and these disasters are coming back to haunt me. I have never dropped a course before in my entire life, but I … Continue reading

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